Sunday, January 10, 2010

Constitutional Christian

In order to be properly Christian, it seems to me (at least on a subconscious level), one needs to be American. Not because of doctrinal or ethnic distinctions, but rather geographic dwelling locations. As an American, I (we) will fight you if you challenge the integrity of our constitutional rights.

For some reason, when it comes to domestic peace and tranquility, I tend to group constitutional-geographic defense into my Christian faith. And I tend to justify this by grouping those who oppose the American constitutionally upheld rights as being non-Christian, either by the mere geography of their allegiance or because I perceive their government to be of non-Christian roots.

As an American Christian, it is difficult to discern the difference between supporting my own government who is supposedly defending our ‘Christian’ constitution; and loving my neighbor as myself, when that applies to my Middle Eastern Islamic neighbor.

How do I reconcile the God of the Bible who would destroy nations for their disobedience to His direction with the Jesus who implores me to simply turn the other cheek when my enemy strikes? As a father, I would stop at near-nothing to protect my own family from any evil or threat this world might present(foreign or domestic), but do we protect our fellow countrymen from the same if potential dangers appear on their horizon from our non-national neighbors?

How do I turn the other cheek and be patriotic (obey the laws of my land) at the same time? It seems a sliding scale for me. My greatest commandment is to love God and secondly, my neighbor as myself. This would infer that I ought to follow the laws of my neighbor’s government because of its inclusion in the characteristics of lowing myself and therefore apply for loving my neighbor also. Hence, I’m stuck. I’ve directives that oppose one another. Or maybe this doesn’t even matter. Maybe God will rain fire and brimstone down on my own country and save me the trouble.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being Broke

Times of being broke are something we all face at some point. Perhaps you were recently broke, or are now broke. Or most desirably, you will soon be broke. Oh, the anticipation. Depending on our age and preparedness, brokenness can come and go quickly or gradually. So be prepared, or don’t. Either way the State of Broke will make you Its disciple.

Pictured here is evidence of my family’s brokenness. My oldest daughter, is now 99% potty-trained, and is no longer in need of “assistance” at her rest stops. Sadly, misfortune besets our family when the last role of toilet paper finds its way into the water during one of her routine stops. In this instance, someone (not broke) would assumedly travel to the nearest store to re-stock the toilet paper supply. However, we are broke and won’t be paid until next month. Solution: wait for the toilet paper to dry and four days later you will be able to use it.

Lesson: Good things come to those who wait? No! “…Be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (Heb. 13:5)

Ergo, look forward to times of being broke. Our Father has many blessings in store for you that may only be revealed to your eyes and heart in those times. Also, ‘once wetted but now dry toilet paper’ works just as well as ‘never wetted toilet paper’. And we are probably better off with less.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

3 - Advice

What other people think; a notion complex as it pertains to everyday life. Sometimes it matters, and sometimes not.

Perhaps you know of a right course of action and therefore desire to do so. But the manner in which those around you respond to said action may be negative. It is in such a situation as this that you seek out a friend and bring them to up to speed on your plight. To wit, often times, the words are said “does it matter what others will think? Do what you think is right.” Typically this turn of events is enough to inspire action on your behalf that will presumably cause a negative response from others. But that’s ok, you do what you think is right and that is a concept you hold independent of those who may or may not disagree.

Or perhaps, you are uncertain of the right course of action. This then lights a fuse to a different path of pursuit; the seeking of wise counsel. The very antithesis of the former logical end. It is the exact opinion of others that you search for to help shape the framework of your future conclusion. Granted, not all opinions carry weight, discretion is exercised so as to only retain the most mature, educated & trusted recommendations. And naturally you still establish your own sound conclusions; a decision drawn strongly on the sought out views of those other than yourself.

In the one instance a concept is assumed to be right, free of outside sway, ergo action is permissible and possibly warranted. On the other, rightness seems to be necessarily connected to the views and judgments of the outsiders, and action is then merely reduced to reaction.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 - Provision

Times are tough. Many of us find ourselves without a job, or maybe with a different lower paying job. Our Creator and Holder promises to provide for all our needs. And He is not ignorant to any degree of the particulars of our lives. But how does this pan out? Obviously this does not imply necessarily that we are to be lazy and wait for doorstep deliveries of cash for insurance payments, monthly iphone expenses, or fair trade coffee. We are to work. And work hard.

The waiting is the toughest part - waiting for the Lord to provide for our daily, monthly, annual or lifelong needs. We go through seasons in which we are blessed by the Lord’s provision in an early and even anticipatory nature. Then we participate in the aspect of the Lord’s plan where by which, the knowledge of His detailed provision is delayed.

In God’s system, He has already provided. Our eyes / heart just haven’t been made to see the “how” yet. It seems to me that the Lord’s provision timing necessitates our honest faith in Him. If we truly believe God to be Holder of all things (Colossians 1:17), then when we experience any temporary lack in our daily supply, we only need remind ourselves that our God has already seen to our needs, we’re just waiting to experience how and when.

It is an exciting thing, to wait on the Lord. Tis a great joy to the saints before us and to those of us who are alive and remain in Him, to experience seasons of God’s delayed providing. So if you’re in need, take heart, Our God has already provided the means, all that’s left is the divine discovery of the manner.

I understand… easier said.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Why would anyone actually care?

It seems I've misunderstood blogging. My understanding was that blogging was meant to be interesting/appealing/enjoyable/desirable to the reader. But apparently, blogging intention is none of these. Rather it can be likened to a journal or diary entry. And can be personal emotion/reaction to the mundanes of everyday life. Ergo, I write.

One might ask... why are you writing this? Why do you think I care. This is case and point. Why do we care? Do we actually care? Most often, opinionated people are irritating. Constantly sharing what they think. Attempting to convince you of their way. (I am this person, and I bother most.)

In public conversation, people retreat from such. Yet, people seem to be drawn to the www for this explicit purpose. A probable consensus is that most of us would say that we are NOT swayed by views of others, yet we willingly seek out opinions from such. Is the truth that we all dream ourselves to be the original/captain/leader/alpha? But in truth, are we all just followers masked as our own version of a Real?

At work this morning, I listened to a co-worker describe with great vigor and excitement about an amazing financial opportunity he had discovered. This was to be realization of my financial freedom. And with a complete straight face and sincerity of heart, he told me the new and revolutionary company known as Amway. Our genius is contained in our own delivery of 2nd thoughts to first time listeners.


There it is. Blog.